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Caroline Gurney is a professional genealogist, house historian and speaker. She runs Caroline Gurney | Historical Research Services, which is based in the ancient market town of Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol.

Caroline Gurney's Bio:

Caroline Gurney is a professional genealogist, house historian and speaker, based in Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol. She has a 1st class Honours degree in History and 28 years experience in family history research. Caroline offers a range of historical research services, including genealogy; family history; house history; tracing living people; family tree design and family history photography. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Society of Genealogists and the Bristol and Avon Family History Society.


In 2012 Caroline Gurney was commissioned by HSBC, corporate sponsors of the Cutty Sark, to trace descendants of the crew. Her research identified over 600 living descendants, 170 of whom were brought together at a reception on board Cutty Sarl on 24 May 2012. Each descendant was presented with a booklet containing Caroline's biographies of their ancestors. Following on from this project, she is now writing a book about the crews of Cutty Sark.


Caroline Gurney is also an accomplished public speaker and gives talks on a variety of topics related to genealogy, family history and house history. Topics include "The Cutty Sark and Her Crews", "Genealogy for Beginners", "Googling for Grandma", "Lost in London", "Tracing Ag Lab Ancestors", "Tracing Living Relatives", "Tracing Merchant Seamen", "Family History Websites Made Easy", "Family Tree Maker" and "How to Trace the History of your House".


Caroline Gurney offers advice by email or telephone, undertakes research at archives and on the internet, traces living relatives and compiles house histories and family trees. She works with the client to establish what is already known, identify clear research objectives and develop a research plan which suits the client's personal circumstances. Caroline  provides a professional service at a competitive price. She has worked on high profile historical research projects and helped individuals from the most humble backgrounds uncover fascinating details about their homes and the lives of their ancestors. 


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Caroline Gurney is married with two grown-up children and she is a Christian. She loves history, all things vintage or antique, computers, gardens and cats. She is currently busy restoring a 300 year old house.

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